Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He Lives

This week I photographed Elvis Wayne at a local Moose Lodge. He says he is the second cousin to Wayne Newton and a Top 10 international Elvis impersonator. He was an interesting guy with a pretty good voice and the women loved him. When he smiled, I could see Wayne Newton, and when he sang, he was ALL Elvis. I guess his name is fitting.


Jakob said...

Que Viva Elvis! Welcome to the blog world Lexey......

Greg K said...

Hoorah! great first post.

LK said...

Hey Lexey! Welcome to the blogging world. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your recent work. I don't keep up with good ol' NDN as much as I'd like to these days. Thanks for you comments on the New Orleans project. I really appreciate your kind words.

lackofintellect said...

Welcome to the inner circle of hell, blog with caution!

Great photos chica, orchids on Saturday???

jlbonner said...


it's about time you had a site for your stuff, lex. and how hot is it that the subject of your first post is Elvis impersonator?

extra, that's how.

sidenote: i love how you clear yourself in the cut, "He SAYS he is a second cousin to Wayne Newton..."

i'm literally sitting here in an internet cafe in central america busting up as i picture you sitting there, taking notes and thinking in your head:

"Oh yeah, this this guy's got toys up in the attic ... broken toys."

Sue Presley said...

Hi Lexey,

How are you? Hope everything is going good for you at the paper. UCSD is great and San Diego.

Enjoy looking at your shots and Jimmie's too.

Give hubby my regards.

Take care.

mom said...

"Sometimes he's Jessie - - and sometimes he's Elvis."