Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in Photos

Please check out the great work done in 2008 by the Naples Daily News staff photographers. Go HERE.

or here:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Mejor Amiga"

Miss Tracy Crazy Miguel is becoming Señora Navarro this weekend. I have the honor of shooting her wedding. Here are some pre-wedding portraits I shot of her and her fiancé, Kiko, today.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Normally, I don't give a hoot about golf, and especially about photos of golfers teeing off. But, I like the intensity in Greg Norman's eyes in this picture I shot yesterday at a tournament here in Naples. This is the same intensity he gives you if you take a picture before his club hits the ball. I made the mistake of letting him hear my shutter on Saturday. I knew better then, and certainly knew better after. He turned and looked at me with the look of death (but I swear the club wasn't even in his hands). Didn't matter.

And I just thought this squirrel was funny. He seemed to like attention.

In search of irie

In a dimly lit room filled with dust and handmade tools, Matt Nickell carves the perfect wave.

Cascades of white foam barrel away from his fingers and break to the ground.

Surrounded by the color of the sea, Nickell moves his arms back and forth, shaving away millimeters at a time.


It is what Nickell hopes to achieve in his art and in his life, and it’s the name of the surfboards he’s been making since 1992.

Irie is a Jamaican word that means to be in tune with nature and the planet, and the way he feels on the water, said Nickell, 38, who admits Jamaica is one of the few places he hasn’t surfed.

A Naples resident since 1977, Nickell, 38, grew up in the shallow surf of the Gulf Coast, but has chased waves just about everywhere. He rattles off a few of the places in no particular order — Nicaragua, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands.

“The waves are fickle in Jamaica,” he said. “If I’m going somewhere to surf, I want to know there are going to be waves.”

He continues to shape the board, referring every-so-often to one of the hundreds of handmade templates he’s created. Rock and roll music pours from a radio in the corner, surrounded by clutter: Music that is less for listening than for filling empty space, as he sands from the tail to the nose and back again.

His boards are used by some of Naples’ best surfers and sold in Olde Naples Surf Shop on Third Street South. He does it less for the popularity, and more for the love of creation.

Just like a wave that is sucked out to sea, only to become the next wave, Nickell’s passion and inspiration is recycled every time he is on the water.

He watches the way other surfers will come off of a wave, giving him ideas for the tail of his next board. Maybe instead of a thumb tail, he’ll create an octagon, giving the rider more maneuverability.

“The water is like a canvas,” Nickell said.

And a place to attain irie.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dos and Don'ts

Found a Goodwill and an Urban Outfitters today. So happy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Little People in Savannah

I drove to Savannah, Ga. yesterday. I guess I just needed my own personal silent retreat. Get out of Naples. Get away from work and everything familiar. My cousin asked me why I was coming here. I didn't have a reason, except that I've always wanted to see this city. Unfortunately, I arrived with five dead camera batteries and no charger. (I thought it was in my car. Apparently not.) So, I'm shooting with my point and shoot. It's ok, though. I love my little camera and it definitely lightens the load. I walked around for five hours today (good thing for new shoes) and I've probably only said a couple dozen words all day. That includes ordering a coffee at Starbucks and food at Spanky's. I find myself thinking in Facebook-speak — not to be confused with Bob Dole-isms. (i.e.: Lexey loves Spanish moss. or Lexey thinks the light is always good in cities like Savannah. or Lexey is effing cold.) I can tell when looking through my pictures from today, that I had no desire to really talk to anyone. Hence why everyone in each frame is itty-bitty.