Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling bold

Yesterday my photo editor, Judy Lutz, blew my mind. Every once in a while she does this. She is a little unpredictable, and at times, I totally love it. My assignment was to photograph preparation for this weekend's Everglades Seafood Festival. So, I photographed carnies setting up rides. (Ah, how I love the carnies.) I had plenty of pictures that had decent light and decent composition that would have worked fine. And she chose this one. I looked at her with a look on my face that said, "are you sure?" Because, normally, we run a pretty safe ship. Safe is not to say boring or bad photography is used, just safe. But yesterday, Judy said was feeling bold. And she said we shouldn't "spoon feed" everyone all the time. I was sooooo happy. Because really, I shot this picture for me. And today, it is in the paper, for everyone.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

Tonight was the annual Mardi Gras-style parade at one of our MANY retirement community mobile home parks in Naples. I could not decide which of these pictures I liked the best. I was going to only post one. But, maybe you can help me. I know what I think. I like the first one, but the pole drives me a little insane. Not like... I'll be committed... insane. More like... give me some Paxil.. insane. I like the portrait, but it lacks something dynamic. What is your opinion?

I had a great time for the hour I was with these folks. I told them that I wanted to move in to their park. They said it could only happen if I married someone who was old enough to live there. I guess I'll just have to visit.


Yesterday, I photographed Mitt Romney as he stumped through Naples. I can't decide if his hair is more like that of a baptist minister (yeah, i know, he's Mormon, whatever) or a car salesman. Is that harsh? Anyway, he was nice enough to deal with and his security guards weren't jerks, so that's a plus.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NDN Half Marathon

Alright, so since my rant, I've fallen off the map. I guess it took a lot out of me to write all that down. But, I'm back. hopefully for good.

Over the weekend I shot the Naples Daily News Half Marathon with my co-workers, Greg Kahn, Michelle Cassel and Michelle Le. It was the first time I ever shot it. I don't know how I've gone five years working here and avoided getting up at the butt-crack of dawn at least once for this assignment. I was always secretly glad that I didn't have to shoot it, but next year, I may just volunteer. It was a lot of fun. And I love doing assignments with other photographers. We all have our own approach and I love seeing how others work.