Sunday, October 21, 2007

What won't be remembered...

I have a friend, he photographs his family and his friends in a way that leaves me speechless. So speechless, in fact, I'm going to write an entire blog about it.

I was looking through his new blog (the link can be found under Paul Michael Myers to the left of this entry) and I perused the link called Sarah and Scott. Sarah is my best friend and I had the privilege of being in her wedding. Paul's photos are from that day. As I looked through the album, I was amazed at how he captured things that won't necessarily be held in the collective memory of the event or people participating.

Most watching will remember that the bride was stunning and our dresses were pink. But there are in-between moments, gestures, glances, touches, subtle details that most will not recall.

He reminds me why I love our job. We are here show people things they would miss otherwise. I know that. And I knew that before I looked at his blog. But in the day to day B.S. that is dealt with at each of our given jobs, it can be forgotten. He showed me what I wasn't remembering.

I have been searching lately. Searching for some sort of inspiration. I ultimately know that this has to come from within me. But thank you, Paul, for drumming some of it up. Thank you to all of my photographer friends who are fighting the good fight. Who still believe in the meaning behind what we do, and the art that comes with it.

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