Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love, At First Sight

I was covering a tennis match last week when someone pointed out to me that the children of the two players were sitting next to each other. It appeared they couldn't care less how well-known their fathers are or how well they were doing in the match.

Jade Krickstein, 4, right, gives her attention to Jack Martin, 5, instead of watching the tennis match between their fathers, Todd Martin and Aaron Krickstein during The Oliver Group Champions Cup on Friday, March 14, 2008 in Naples, Fla.


Anthony Soufflé said...

Lexey, you're such a bad ass... true story.

caracol said...

I see this picture over and over... love it, and the story behind it.

Jelly Bean said...

Where did u get that picture!!!!! I WANT FIND THAT PERSON AND MAUL DEM ALIVEEEEEEEEEE WHOEVER TOOK THIS PIC ):L How rude these poor kids. I know this person and this is very wierd. Bc they dont know each other anymore AND the reason why she is doing this is bc his attention was bc he was watching the match and she wanted to show him the cool device her mom bought for her and he was NOT WATCHING!!!! ):T Now, Imma maul u :)

jk XD