Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moved by Change

There is sense of relief in the air. Whether it is because they voted for Barack Obama or because they are just glad the presidential election is over, most people I see are smiling today. A weight has been lifted and the country can move forward. I felt lucky to be covering the news last night. I felt lucky to be a journalist and witness and report on an historic moment in time.


mom said...

Historic? Yes, but by the wrong person. If only it was someone much more conservative.
We need to remove money entirely from our politics and this man won't be the one to do it.
Someone at work last night said she was glad of the outcome because now the billionaires will have to start paying their taxes like she has to.
The 'billionaires' lawyers are the ones that write the tax code for Congress and that won't change. The mid and high middle class will lose the most and maybe even the average worker (if Congress raises payroll taxes like FICA). Poor people in this country have profited for years from our tax code because they get back all that is taken out plus their Earned Income Credit which could be worth thousands of dollars. The only way they could have it better is if their Social Security and Unemployment taxes were returned to them.
As you can tell I get pissy when people talk about taxes because most don't have a clue about it.
Sorry about the rant.
Historic? Yes.
He is just the wrong one not The One.

mom said...

Your pics were good. They showed the real emotions. Praise and Pensive. What a dichotomy! said...

Fantastic images. If you have some time, check out this piece, as I think it made the best case for Obama's candidacy, or rather, an argument against McCain's:

mom said...

Indeed a good argument against McCain’s candidacy .
It illustrates why I believe that anyone from Congress should never be elected to the office of President. The way our current system works, way to much is owed by the time a person gets there.
The next 4 years will not be about change but about the left hand taking care of the business that the right hand had been doing.
Governors are not exempt from corruption and influence peddling but you stand a better chance of a different outlook on subjects like taxes, illegal immigration, commerce and education.