Monday, December 15, 2008


Normally, I don't give a hoot about golf, and especially about photos of golfers teeing off. But, I like the intensity in Greg Norman's eyes in this picture I shot yesterday at a tournament here in Naples. This is the same intensity he gives you if you take a picture before his club hits the ball. I made the mistake of letting him hear my shutter on Saturday. I knew better then, and certainly knew better after. He turned and looked at me with the look of death (but I swear the club wasn't even in his hands). Didn't matter.

And I just thought this squirrel was funny. He seemed to like attention.


m said...

love the squirrel.

mom said...

Golfers can be assholes but that is a good picture.
To bad you don't like golf because it is very relaxing to be on a course. Come with dad and I sometime and you'll see.

irvmarmik said...

Great photo of the Shark. The man is nothing if not intense. It's too bad so much money rides on every shot cause they probably wouldn't be such buttnuggets about distractions. Most professional golfers are really pretty nice people, just spoiled brats and very, very pampered. The shot of the squirrel is absolutely awesome. He looks like he is checking out his line before making a putt. He is having a Camillo Vejegas moment.