Monday, June 9, 2008


I went to the beach tonight to try to breathe. I needed some fresh air and decided I would go without my camera. No distractions... just me and a book or my journal.

Well, the light and the sunset were just too amazing. I ended up walking down the beach kicking myself that I hadn't brought my camera so I broke out the camera phone.... a sad replacement for my Canon, but it was fun and kind of therapeutic after a day where I took two mediocre (at best) portraits and made an enormous amount of personal blunders.

Here are a few...I know I know, mostly silhouettes.... but.. hey, it's a cell phone camera. :)


lackofintellect said...

Great photos, I spent part of the evening at the beach as well. It was great light and there were a ton of Snook at the pier, I brought my camera but never broke it out.

Ceteris Paribus said...

You're such a great photographer.
I love your work... you have such a sensitive eye.

Lexey said...

Thank you both.

Barb said...

Beautiful pictures... thereby proving it's not necessarily the equipment but the person using it!