Sunday, July 13, 2008

And... another

I know I've already posted so many pictures of this baby, but I really love these pictures. Rebekah is such a pretty girl and doesn't have the scrunched look that so many newborns have. :) I also wanted to post a personal, yet public, message to Sarah and Scott.

Dear Sarah and Scott,
Thank you so much for asking me to photograph the birth of Rebekah. It is the single most important event I have ever photographed. Thank you for trusting me to be there. Thank you for allowing me to witness what will possibly be the single most important moment in YOUR lives. I can't tell you how touched and honored I feel to have been there. I love you both so much and I already love Rebekah so much.

Sarah, in all the time we've known each other, I knew you were nurturing just in the way you have fostered our friendship, the way you have listened and the way you have cared for everyone around you. But Friday, I watched that nurturing turn in to something so natural for you. You became a mother. And in the first seconds of Rebekah's life, anyone watching could tell that this is the life you were made for. It's like your own mother said to me, "Sarah was born to be a mother." She's right.

I can't wait to watch Rebekah grow and to watch as you and Scott become amazing parents.


The Peeps said...

Don't worry Lexey. We can never have to man great pictures of Rebekah Lynn. Keep them coming because I love seeing them.

The Peeps said...

I meant to many pictures of Rebekah Lynn...not man. LOL

Amy & Joe said...

Joe was going to post a comment from Sophie (she hasn't yet mastered typing), but he couldn't figure out how to spell "ppppflllltttshshchtttt!" That's baby-speak for "I'm so freaking excited to meet my new friend!!!" Sophie loves looking at her pictures, keep 'em coming!

John Orr said...


duso 2.0 said...

Thank YOU Lexey, for the photos, support and friendship. You were a tremendous help at the hospital and an emotional boost for Sarah. We are lucky to have such a talented photographer (and good friend) capture these moments for us.

We love you.

Queen Bee said...

All beautiful pictures, Lexey - of a beautiful baby. Congrats to the parents!