Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Draw 10

Today I was supposed to find a rain feature for a story that was slated for tomorrow's A section. Well, it didn't rain.

So, instead I went out to get a standalone feature at a fireworks stand. I met a really nice family who has run the stand for the past three years. There weren't very many customers so to pass the time they sit and play UNO together while waiting.

The kids, Katlynn and Travis, could maybe get a little bored sitting out there all day. But, the comfort and fun they have with each other, at least while I was there, seemed to override any boredom they may have been feeling. I was thinking how nice it was that the kids weren't around computers, video games, television, cell phones.... just spending part of their summer with their dad, uncle and grandma and having a really good time doing it.


lackofintellect said...

Dude, there is no draw 10 in Uno!

Looks like they were having a blast, thanks for sharing. I too share your sentiment about sedimentary children, it's good to see them having fun without technology.

mom said...

Amazing what happens without electricity.