Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Sacha Samotin, 16, remembers as a young child that his grandfather bought him a book called "Ghosts of the White House." He was reading about the Presidents of the United States while other kids were exchanging Pokémon cards. He remembers at the age of nine watching the 2000 elections with his mom as the nation learned about hanging chads and the ballots were counted and recounted. All eyes were on Florida as the battle for the presidency was fought. It was an impressionable age, and Samotin found the whole ordeal fascinating. Two years ago Samotin began volunteering with the local Democratic Party in Naples and Sunday he will begin a semester as a page with the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. He doesn't know which side of politics he wants to be on, in the spotlight or behind the scenes, but he knows he wants to a part of it.


lackofintellect said...

A young democrat in Naples? Oh my god! Are they multiplying? We must warn the others!

mom said...

Just go on over to the Daily News.
The place is crawling with em.

Lexey said...

Ha! Nice, Mom.

sacha said...

I'm honored to have become a part of your blog... Thanks for posting the pic... It's much appreciated.