Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carson City

Spring used to be my favorite season. There was something about the smell of spring in San Jose. It was the sweet smell of cherry blossoms outside of the journalism building on my way to another class. I would close my eyes while walking just for a moment as I felt the breeze on my face. But, after living for six years in Florida, I have come to cherish the Fall and the reprieve from heat and humidity. It is even better when I can spend a little time in a place that is already well in to the season while summer feels like it may never let go of Naples.


mom said...

In a few weeks there will be a blaze of color, reds, yellows,golds everywhere and suddenly they will be gone.
You have captured the start of that turn.
Hope the bread makes it thru all the airports.
love ya.

Barb said...

I miss the fall! One of the few down sides to living in Florida.