Monday, December 10, 2007

Andy, Part 2

Well, still not many customers tonight at Jasmine (at least not while he was awake.) But, maybe I can show you who Andy is without them. I don't know. I have this picture in my head that hasn't happened yet. Maybe it won't. And maybe that's ok. I will probably go back tomorrow night for a third try (plus, I promised him we could play another game.) But, due to deadline pressure for my photo column, it will be my last chance before publication. Here are some from tonight. They are better than last week's attempt. But, maybe tomorrow will be even better.

I think we're becoming friends. He wrote me this note today on the back of his parent's business card.

1 comment:

lackofintellect said...

I like the photo of Andy at the table, it's full of personality.

If you are serious about the calendar I can get you a copy, I am going to have to pass on the firefighter one though, I work with those dudes so I don't need them hanging on my wall.