Monday, December 10, 2007


This is Andy. He is the 6-year-old son of Emily and Chung Zheng who run Jasmine, a Chinese take-out place near my apartment. Andy is my next photo column. He greets all customers with "hi, how are you?" and says " Bye, see you next time" as they leave. Chung says the customers don't come for the food, they come for Andy. The restaurant is his babysitter. The customers his friends. He does his homework there, he naps there, he plays there. And this picture is my failed attempt last week of photographing him. There weren't many customers the day I went in to do the story. So, he sat and talked to me the whole time. We played with dinosaurs and read the newspaper together. Actually, I read the newspaper to him while he turned the page and said, "ok, now, what does this say?"

Anyway, I'm going back tonight. Hopefully more people will come in and I can make a picture showing his personality. Wish me luck.


lackofintellect said...

Good luck, I am hungry, now thanks to you I might have to get take out!

mom said...

Now take yourself back to when you were 4 and 5. Sitting by yourself at a restaurant table with your crayons and coloring books. That is how you met many people in your life. Ray and Cindy , Darlene and Paul, Jim, Bill, Cricket, not to mention many that we didn't keep in touch with.
The little guy probably seemed vaguely familiar to you.

Lexey said...

Mom, you nailed it. I actually told my little story to one of the women who work at this place when I was explaining why I wanted to do this piece on Andy. I told her how I spent most of my youth at a restaurant running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room when you were working. Anyway, this is a little different because Andy's parents are there all day long. He only goes home to sleep. But, I can definitely relate. I love you.

Jakob said...

I already told you this, but my vote is for the first one. I think it says everything you are looking for. And once again it's you seeing, it's you telling the story how you see it, not how we might expect you to tell it. Love it.