Monday, December 3, 2007


If I were going to tell someone about my brief interaction with Domingo, I would tell them that his eyes were kind. He was warm and responded "sí" when I held up my camera and asked "esta bien?" We met him on the boat from Panajachel to Santa Cruz. He was on his way home from his job as a wood worker to another village around Lake Atitlán. We said "mucho gusto" and "adios" as we parted ways. Thank you Domingo for humoring this gringa and her camera.


caracol said...

I really liked the picture... and knowing about your trip to Guatemala. I've been there, too, as a tourist... Loves Panajachel

lackofintellect said...

Awesome shot, great light and balance!

The crows feet make a man look old/intelligent, or that's my hope as I know I have some.

Keep shooting!

Lisa said...

I want to go on a trip with you.