Friday, April 18, 2008

Arletta Marie Hardin

One year ago today we said goodbye to my grandma. I thought today would be more difficult. Maybe it isn't more so because there are so many other things happening in life, I have been distracted. Or maybe being with my parents on this day has made it easier. Or maybe it is because I miss her always, no more today than any other.

She was an amazingly complex woman. Beautiful. Cunning. Funny. Artistic. Poetic. Strong. Much like my own mother.

I copied these pictures from a guest book I made last year for her memorial.

Rest in grace, grandma. I feel you with me, everyday.


WaWaWee said...

I just randomly fell across your blog. I lost my grandmother 2 weeks ago. Just felt like I wanted to give you a little hug.
((((YOU)))) :)

DJ-W said...

Hi Lexey,
I came across your blog whilst doing research for my family tree. My mother, Joanne Jensen nèe Hardin, is your grandmother's sister. Hoping we might be able to connect. If interested, you can find me on Facebook. Hope to hear from you xox
Dana Jensen-Wall