Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Love it All


So far, this trip to Nevada....Sheesh. What a ride. And I'm only to Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

Of course, this morning, I was running late. As usual. But not so late I thought I would miss my flight. As I walked in to the airport they were calling my flight number for last boarding call. Oh SH#T. Apparently they were leaving early.

After paying extra for my overweight bag (I should have put her on a diet before my trip), and running through the airport and begging to cut ahead in line for security, I am the last person to board my flight. Phew.

Only to sit.

For two hours.

Because the gear on a private jet collapsed on the only runway at the airport.

I knew I was going to miss my connecting flight in Chicago to Denver. Then my next connection from Denver to Reno. Unfortunately, Fort Myers to Chicago was through American, and the rest on United. What a freakin' fiasco. American says they can't help me (their only responsibility is to get me to Chicago.....whenever..) United says my reservation is through American so they can't help me. I end up on the phone with cheaptickets.com as we are finally taxiing on to the runway to see if they can piece it together to get me to Reno some time today.

Please keep in mind this is condensed. And not nearly as dramatic as the original events.

The flight to Chicago? Interesting. Annoying British people (not annoying because they are British, but annoying who HAPPENED to be British) sitting behind me, arguing the entire time, two screaming babies and a dog...yes....little dog...who liked to yip. Oh, and a man next to me to said the school teachers in the U.S. get paid TOO much, and that all schools have enough money to buy books. uh huh...ok, dude.

I laugh at something the Brits say behind me. And the other man next to me looks at me and says I am in good spirits considering how my day has been discombobulated. I laugh again and he says I have ... and I quote "good mental health." HA!

If he only knew....

I was starving so I bought a snack. I recommend these....

The reasonably priced trail mix. woo hoo... bargain price $3.

Finally at O'Hare I am booked on a flight going to San Francisco (not Denver) and will arrive in Reno sometime around 11:30 p.m.

That's fine.

I am reading a book "Eat, Pray Love" (those who know me know I've been reading this forever) but.... in it, there is a passage that talks about a Sufi poem which says:

"God long ago drew a circle in the sand around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen."

So, here I sit. The Kooks on repeat. Wiping greasy McDonald's french fries from my fingers. Watching the feet of hundreds pass by me. The vibration of their ergonomically correct rolling bags thumping every so often.

And if the above is true, this is where I'm supposed to be. Right here. Right now.

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lackofintellect said...

Isn't traveling a blast? Enjoy your trip to NV!